Substract minutes from DateTime (TimeStamp)

Hello everyone.

I am trying to apply a Show? expression in which it only shows the columns 5 minutes after the TimeStamp was created.

This is what I tried so far but the result for both was the same = column not shown .
NOW()<([MARCA TEMPORAL]-“000:05:00”)

The second option I tried, was to add a virtual column with duration values and the following formula:

After I used the following expression for Show?

Didn´t work either…

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance to all!

Do you mean you only want it to display until 5 minutes have passed? Or that it shouldn’t display until after 5 minutes have passed?

To display only until 5 minutes have passed:

NOW()<([MARCA TEMPORAL]+“000:05:00”)

To display only after 5 minutes have passed:

NOW()>([MARCA TEMPORAL]+“000:05:00”)

Sorry I missed that!
You´re the man Steve, thanks so much! :handshake:

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