Subtable always shows Add when it shouldn't

Rather than clicking Add in a subtable to create a record, I want to use LinkToForm() via an Action since I need to populate some columns with specific data. Setup the action and its working as expected.

So the origional Virtual list column had a formula of

REF_ROWS(“Timesheet”, “Plot”)

So I changed it to

REF_ROWS(“Timesheet Update Only”, “Plot”)

Timesheet Update Only being an Editable Only slice of the entire Timesheet table. Yet the subtable still had the Add option. So I tried this instead

Select(Timesheet Update Only[TimesheetID],[Plot]=[_ThisRow].[PlotID])

But the Add was still there :angry:

Is the Add there because I’ve got a LinkToForm button? In the end I’ve had to hide the Add System Action for the timesheet table, but it seems odd to have to go that far. What am I doing wrong?

These should match:



This is where my question to community is coming from.

Bit confusing.

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