Subtotals in table view

1- I could not find a request for Subtotals in feature requests.

2- However, there are questions about how subtotals can be done in the Questions section. Even @Aleksi as previously prepared a sample application for Subtotals.
3- Praveen stated that the improvement on Filters will be implemented soon.

4- I request it to be evaluated together with its filter feature and subtotal feature. If possible, I would like you to add banded rows feature along with filter feature to the application to increase readability.

There are 3 different features in the picture below.

1- Filter feature (This has already been requested and will be available )(Add filter capability on top of the columns).
2- Banded Rows feature
3- Subtotals Feature
Explanation content can be given by expressions or fixed
defined (such as Display Name).

All great requests. Please be careful with the term “banded rows”. I believe what you are looking for here is Alternating Row colors.

Technically speaking, banded rows are rows that have special assignments to them in functions and formatting. For example, the Totals row you present could be considered a banded row.

On the subject of a Totals row, need to differentiate between Subtotals and Totals. I could see banded rows (the technical version) being used in Grouped displays, where after each grouping there is a Subtotal banded row and then at the very end there is a Total banded row.

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The alternating row colors was present in table views until just a few months ago. The UX developers apparently think this time-tested presentation style isn’t a good idea, and they removed it deliberately. I disagree with the decision.


I actually checked one of my apps because I thought the alternating colors were there once. Of course the color was not customizable.

Honestly, the alternating row colors were introduced back in the 80s-ish to help identify the entire row across a large screen. This being a Mobile-First platform, it’s not surprising they removed it.

Having said that, these apps are powerful enough to run as desktop app replacements and many are using them on desktop only. So, why not have the alternating row colorization as an option?

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This calls for a new feature request, bring back alternating row colors !


I believe it goes back much further than that, at least to the green-bar printouts from the 50s (?). I wouldn’t be surprised if paper ledgers have been doing it for nearly a century. I find it helpful even for small lists.


Still oldiers are out there even this 21 cent here and there.
For instance, on Email

to drop copy. It says CC

It is coming from Carbon Copy.

My son and daughter never knows what it is.


Sorry this is out of the point…


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