Subtracting stock from a group of items with one form entry

I work for a very small non-profit, we are a homeless shelter and a food pantry, I have all but completed my app, but there is one feature I cannot seem to figure out.
I am trying too create s SUPER simple inventory in/inventory out tracker, that it literally all it has to do.
Anyway the vast majority of our “inventory out” is food packages, which are a pretty standard package, the same items go in every package but we make a different amount of packages every day. I want to be able to put in a form how many food packages were given out that day and have the app automatically subtract the assigned quantity that item has in packages from the total inventory.

You can add some actions to set the column values.
So for every package out, an action for every item to set the quantity to -1.

The you group all the actions in 1


Hi @ae.daniel,

There are several inventory sample apps available in below link, perhaps you might be able to utilized some of the functions for your apps?[doc_type][0]=Apps&is_v=1


It seems to be complicated interconnected math functions that I am not educated enough in the program or excel to understand how to do. :sweat_smile: