Suggest 5 features should be imporving in the furture

  1. Input form and Form detail with multiple columns and can customize flexible like PowerApp. It very easy using for users.
  2. Child table in input form. Instead add one by one row into subtable. Appsheet can develop an input form with multiple rows at sub table like Odoo or other Open ERPs. It very useful for user for preparing an invoice on Browser with many rows.
  3. Table views can be frozen more columns instead only one first column set by key or name type. It is nessceesary for user can view the ID and the name of a row have many columns.
  4. Template: Appsheet do not accept any formatting, header and footer on Google Docs. So it is very difficult for user when they want to print a pdf file with repeated header/ footer, nubering of table, insert page per pages number, or any formatting on the Docs.
  5. Quick Define columns type at header of every table like Glide or AirTable.

I have noticed this problem too. If formatting within a Google spreadsheet could be maintained when a sample / template app is copied, I would appreciate that too.

By the way, I think these are good points but because you’ve put them together in one post, people may hesitate to vote for this because it’s not clear if a vote would be for all 5 points or one of the points.


Thanks for your feedback.
I am looking forward new feartures from Appsheet from your team.

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Hi @hien_nguyen

As @Kirk_Masden told, there are too many suggestions in your post. I won’t vote because of it.
However, here are some additional inputs to the one @Kirk_Masden already made.

This already exists.
In the child table, from the column type Ref that refers to the parent table, click on “is a part of”

I suggest you vote here:

This is it ?


Hi Aureline:
I mean Qick add new row in subtable and typing on table directly, they no need a input form like appsheet. With Odoo, if want to add a new row, user type at the last of subtable to typing data on a the last row. This way user can handle all data which they made.

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I wish we can design a invoice like this by Appsheet.

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Gmail as a data source

Automated backups of schema/table/app definition and all underlying data

Enhanced AI for making expressions from plain text even during writing a longer expression.

Better visibility onto Google calendar as a data source (see underlying sheet maybe)

Integration with voice assistants (Google voice, Siri, etc)