Suggest values in column

May i know on how to use auto compute “Suggested Values” in column. What i wanted is to have a list of suggestion(A drop down to be exact) and if may liking wasn’t on the list i can input any data(text) i want.

May I ask what formula are you using with the Suggested values?

Hi Aleksi,

Im using SELECT(TBNAME[FLDS],true,true).
Also tried LIST(val1,val2) to test but still its just a dropdown like the ENUM/ENUMLIST behavior.

Please remember to show the list as a dropdown but then you are also able to add your own value.


Hi Alexsi,

Please see snapshot below.

But im unable to edit or input any new values. The behavior is like Enum type


Here is the sample code on suggested values field.

If you open the dropdown, the very first line can be used to search or add. But the dropdown must be opened first.

Thank you so much Steve. A little bit confusing but Yes I didnt notice that how it works :slight_smile:

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