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Hey All,

I am trying to achieve a result using an Suggested_Values Request, to make a drop down menu to display only my [part_serials] that have these conditions [part_condition] = “GOOD” & [part_location_email] = USEREMAIL(). When I try to do this it just shows the dropdown as blank, I still need the user to be able to add their own serial if needed.

This is what I’m trying to do ATM:
SELECT(parts_index[part_serial], [part_condition] = “GOOD”, [part_location_email] = USEREMAIL()).

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All help is much appriacted.


You forgot to put AND() statement inside your formula. It should be

		[part_condition] = “GOOD”, 
		[part_location_email] = USEREMAIL()
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Thanks June,

That did allow the expression to register correctly, i am still not seeing any of the [part_serial] in the list it will just display it as blank. Am i using the formula in the correct location?

From Expression Assistant, where you enter your expression, use the Test button to test your expression. You can see what results it will produce without having to save your changes and try from the app.

Please also post a screenshot of your current expression, and a screenshot of the part_serial column configuration screen.

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Hey Steve,

Ahh yup that makes more sense to try and produce a result rather then going back and forward. Hopefully this is what you are asking for.

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Hey Steve,

Ahh yup I see so this is the result it shows for me.

Just to confirm also these are the two tables i’m working with, [parts_ref_index] has a Ref to my main table with all my jobs which is [job_index]

For some reason this will work with every other table i have in an spreadsheet it just does not want to work with my [parts_index] in not sure if this helps as an example.

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Issue has been resolved, it was on my end not Regenerate Structure. Thanks for you help June_corpuz