Suggested value depending on previous data

How to get only the previous data in an enum list.

This formula in suggested values does not do it:

sort(SELECT(remarks[your name], and(([company] = [_THISROW].[company]),[proces]=[_THISROW].[proces])))

Perhaps you could put your expression inside of an INDEX() expression to get the value before the latest one:

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What do you mean by “previous data”?



The tabel “remarks” has the column [your name]. That column has lines with names ( previous data)

When entering new data in a form for a table called “remarks” I would like to see the previous entered names from remarks[your name] in alphabetical order drop down, but only if these names are from the same company and same proces: [_thisrow],[company] and [_thisrow].[proces].
Also adding new names must be available in the form.
Hope it explanes it clearly now.

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The link I posted in my last response should help you.

This formula is only allowed in a type " list" column.
My column if of type enum.
My form must produce a dropdown list of all names from same company and same proces.
This does not.