Suggested Value sorted by date/time

Hey, I have encountered this issue where I have Quote_ID, Title, Timestamp. Quote_ID is the key but I want the titles to be sorted by the timestamp. I can’t use orderby() since I don’t want to change the key from Quote_ID.

My goal is when someone opens my form, they can view the previous quotes made but can only see the title sorted from youngest to oldest and select it. (they can’t see Quote_ID).

ORDERBY() is, in fact, what you want to use.

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But if I do, I will get the Quote_ID and not the title.
I tried ORDERBY(Quote[Quote_ID], [Timestamp], False, [Title])
I also considered using filter() in orderby() but my knowledge limits me.


Even by using Row Labels, I still can’t managed to make it work. I tried using SELECT() or FILTER() but I am still getting the same issue. SORT does not help either…

I tried doing that: SELECT(Quote[Title], in([Timestamp],SORT(SELECT(Quote[Timestamp], isnotblank([Title] = [_THISROW].[Title])), false))). It gives me the titles but not from recent to oldest…