Suggested Values based on a Table that is NOT RELATED


I’m working in an APP for the Education Field.

Our Teachers can give sessions in [1] OUR OFFICES OR [2] THE CLIENT’S OFFICE

For that reason we added a field call “Session Address”.

I tried to SUGGEST VALUES based on the list of Addresses in my Office Table.


I could not pull the list of addresses from the Office Table.

I believe the reason for that is the I currently don’t have a REF column between the SESSION and the OFFICE tables.

But I don’t need or want one because by doing so I would need to add a new column (Office ID) to my SESSION table but that is not always true since we can dictate sessions at our client’s office and we don’t wan’t to save that information in our OFFICE table.


It is mandatory to create the relationship between the table in order to SELECT the list of Offices?

It doesn’t make much sense that I need to force a relationship between 2 tables just to consult information.

I have got around this problem by creation a manual LIST but this in unpractical in case we add new offices to our OFFICE table.



This is an invalid SELECT() expression:


SELECT() needs at least two arguments:

Instead, try just:


Hi Steve,

Same result.

Have you imported that Office table into the app?


Then you don’t have a table or slice named Office.

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Silly me…

Thank you.

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