Suggested values not displaying correct values


I have encountered some problems with the suggested values for one of my columns. I have the following tables :

Card :

[Card id] = row key

Bank :

[Bank id] = row key
[Card Transactions] = enumlist of [Card id] from Card table
[Selected Card Transactions] = virtual column list of type ref, referencing [Card Transactions]

The suggested value formula for the [Card Transactions] EnumList column is the following :

SPLIT(FILTER(Card,TRUE)-SPLIT(SELECT(Bank[Card Transactions],ISNOTBLANK([Card Transactions])),","),",")

Formula tests ok and values are correct but the suggested values i get in the app are FILTER(Card,TRUE)

I assume there is nothing wrong with the formula as it tests ok. What would be the reason for the suggested values not displaying the correct values ?

If the column also has a Valid If expression that produces a list, the column’s Suggested values expression will not be used.

Hi Steve,

I have no Valid If expression, only the Suggested Values one. Really weird as formula works correctly and show a list of 7 items when i test it, but when i try it in-app i get 15 values which are all that i have in the first table.

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I’m afraid I have no explanation; you may indeed be hitting a bug. Please contact for help with this.

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SPLIT() is used to convert a text string into a List. You are using it on something that is already a List

Using SELECT() across a table[column], and filtering by if the column is not blank, is basically pointless in this case, especially since all you’re doing with that List is subtracting it from another List.

So in total, your expression is probably exactly equivalent to this much simpler one:

FILTER( Card , TRUE) - Bank[Card Transactions]

Using the simplest form of an expression is of course always a good idea for readability, but in this case I wouldn’t be surprised if it also fixes the issue you are experiencing.


Good morning everyone,

Steve was right, i think i have stumbled into a "bug". I have encountered this in the past in regards to the suggested values column.  
The preview app has a big delay when updating the formula. Yesterday the preview app and mobile app where displaying the wrong formula, last night when i checked last mobile app was working with the right formula, preview app still displaying the wrong one. This morning the preview app is displaying the correct values with no new inputs. 
Last time this happened to me it took 24 hours to fix itself. Now it took 2 days. I`ll also add that this is not a common occurrence. 

Hi Marc, thank you for your input. I have put the ISBLANK condition there because i was getting tons of blank entries in my list, i`m using the SPLIT function on [Card Transactions] SELECT because one list entry can have multiple references and would be a string of text. Last SPLIT is for redundancy :smiley: