Suggested_Values shows more than the suggested list? What am I missing?

I’ve never really used suggested_values until now. But I am seeing some unexpected behavior and not sure if its a bug or expected behavior. I’ve tried reading documentation but it is very light and I have reviewed many posts which indicate I shouldn’t see what I am seeing

In the image below you can see I have hard coded a list of suggested values for the shown Enum column. In the emulator I have the resulting drop-down BUT I ALSO see the remaining other values for that shown column. What did happen is that the hard coded list moved to the top of the drop down.

The table is just a simple table. No complexity with it what-so-ever!

Am I missing something? Is this the way it’s supposed to work? See second test below.

In a second test…In an Enum column of base type Image, I simply moved the expression from the valid_if to suggested_values and received the error message below. The expression worked perfectly in the valid_if property.

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Hi @WillowMobileSystems
You have auto complete other values turned on.


It was initially of base type image, but with a list of text as suggested value it changed the base, but is not explaining where did the other enum items coming from.

You are correct! However, I had tried with and without that switch last night with no difference. Someone must have read the post and fixed because it is all working as expected this morning.


I’m not getting what you mean. The column was base type of Image. I simply moved the expression that returns a list of images from Valid_If to Suggested_Values. Are Image types not supported in Suggested_Values? That really wouldn’t make sense.

I tested it again this morning and this particular problem it is still happening. The expression is this:

SELECT(Employees[Picture], true)

Just a screenshot of the issue stated in original post in case it helps

My mistake, I was thinking that the the base type was changed from image to text when input suggested value as a text.

Anyway, thanks for you and @Lynn . Now I can see one of the “effect” for Auto-Complete other values.

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Im curious as to why you would use type Enum but not put anything in the values? Was there a reason for using suggested values?

Yes. For a particular table, I am aiding in completing the Form by providing a dropdown list of previously entered values in several columns. Some columns are then filtered based on the selected value of the main column. But I also wanted the users to be able to enter new values when needed.

REF columns would have forced me to create tables for each column.

Enum with Valid_If, which I tried first, doesn’t provide ability to enter new values - even with the switch turned on. (Not sure if that’s a bug too)

Enum with Suggested_values gave me everything I needed.