Suggestion of the Enum items

I often use Status column as Enum type. When I select such a field, it would be nice that AppSheet suggests the list of the values

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Hi @Julien , sorry for the late reply. Can you say more about where you want to see this behavior?

Sure !
Let’s say I have a [Status] column as Enum type.
The values would be “To do”,“Ongoing” and “Done”

The steps of the process will be based on that [Status]
Slices and many format rules are also based on the [Status] using formula such as IF([Status]=“To do”,…,…)

Currently, if I have forgotten the values of that Enum, I have to leave the formula edition, then go to that field and note them somewhere. Then, I go again to the formula edition and type it.

Therefore, it would be nice if the formula editor would suggest the available values of the Enum. Even better, if there is a ValidIf or Suggested Values list, the items of that list would be suggested too.

I hope this is a bit clearer now :slight_smile:

CU soon!

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