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First I’m not english, sorry if my english is bad
I’m a new appsheet user and I’m trying to develop an app which allows you to enter what you’ve done (an operation), the date, who’ve done it and the price.
But, all operations have a fixed price, and there is a last operation called “Other” which has no fixed price (it’s in a calc, let’s say there is op1, op2, op3 with a value in euros and “Other” with no value).
When you add an operation, the price is fixed (the formula is [Operation].[Price]). But, when you choose the operation “Other”, you can’t manually enter a price and if you add the row you just have no price.
What I want is when you choose for example op1, it suggests you the price of op1 but you can still change it, and when you choose other, it suggests no price and you have to enter one (eventually it suggests 0, if necessary).


For the Price column, configure Editable? with the expression:

  ([Operation] = "Other")

Hey, thanks for your answer. Actually, I just filled the “Initial Value” with formula [Operation].[Price], I might have missed it earlier, don’t know why.
Now I’ve a new problem, i’m trying to just make a bot that creates a new row in a different data set, which computes the money gained each day, but I can’t make a bot, I have an event of type schedule triggering each day and a process with only one step that add the row that I want, but when I try to create a bot I can choose my event and then I can’t choose my process and can’t create the one I want, and I don’t know why.


NB : I missclicked the “System” button when I created one event and now I have this message if I ever click on it (I can’t even delete it)

Error: this component failed to render. Please report to support with a screenshot of this error message so it can be fixed.

Error: Minified React error #130; visit[]=undefined&args[]= for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.
(I cant copy everything bcs of all the links)

This is an internal bug. Please contact Support for help with it.

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Just reported the bug to the support, but I still don’t know what i’m doing wrong with the bot. I’ll try to be more precise. I have a list of operations in a table, with the date and a price each time. I have also a table in which I would like to have, for each date, the sum of all the operations’ price, but I want this to be automatically done each day. So I tried to make an event that triggers every day at 3am, and a process with only one action which is a data action that add new rows, and set the date of this new row to TODAY() - 1, and the sum should be automatically computed (with a formula). But I can’t create a bot with this event and process. I feel like I am missing smthg because when I try the action (without the bot and the process), I need to execute it from a row of the operation table, like it needs a row to execute, while it shouldn’t.

Thank you for the help, hope you’ll understand what I explained.