Suggestions for simulating a scrolling ad banner?

I have had the idea of creating an event app for a local festival. It would be a public app and to generate revenue, I thought I could somehow present ads to users much like scrolling ad banners.

I understand that AppSheet is not really designed for this kind of feature. But I was wondering if anyone might have ideas on how to go about it? Or better yet, have you done something like this in one of your apps and can provide an example?

You could create a scrolling banner dynamically with SVG’s, or if the content was static it could simply be a GIF image.

Can you elaborate on how the banner could work with SVG’s?

With GIF’s, I assume you mean with animated GIF’s?

SVG’s have an animate attribute; one thing you can do with this is have text or shapes follow a path. Here is an example:

We have tested animations and they do work in AppSheet; you would simply follow the same principles as outlined in the svg topic on these forums: Dynamic SVG graphics

@Jonathon Thanks! This gives me a bit of hope. I’ll play with it to see what I can come with.