Suggestions on Performance Analysis for Excel based app?

Anyone have any suggestions? I’m really surprised after 29 views, no one has any insight to offer.

I am not as familiar with using Excel as the datastore from AppSheet. I could use some suggestions or advice on how to go about analyzing and improving performance in an app that uses an Excel workbook

First, are there any common tweaks that should be applied/used to help with performance? For example, in Google the sheets default to a set number of rows and columns. Deleting the unused rows and columns helps improve performance.

This doesn’t seem to be applicable in Excel sheets. Are there any other known common tweaks in Excel that can help on the performance side?

My Issue

When I save a new record, it takes from 50 seconds to over a minute for the Add to complete. Looking at logs I find that half of that time was Workflow processing time. So I have disabled all related Workflows and removed an Action attached to the Form Save.

Unfortunately, it still takes 30 seconds to save a new row. This seems way too long for a straight add activity. The table is of average size with about 48 columns and about 450 rows. The app itself has 18 tables with most having several hundred rows but there are about 3 with over 1000 rows and 1 with over 8000 rows. A full app sync takes around 10 seconds.

Here is my question… Where else can I look or what else can I try to improve this performance against the Excel workbook?