Sum a number of row values by bulk actions


I just had to use Enumlist as the bill number column’s type, since I want to select multiple at once.

Also I wanted to be able to somehow see the associated bill amount along with the number, so I made a virtual column, concatenated the bill number and bill value columns, and used that virtual column’s name both in the ‘valid if’ and the ‘Amount’ expressions.

Thanks a lot.
The fact that you took the time to write such a long reply, with the effort to make me understand, makes me find hope in everything again. There are a lot of awesome people out there, you are one of them.

Pardon if this seems dramatic, but I wasn’t having a god night’s sleep owing to me not being able to solve that. Today I will sleep well.


One more thing. @Steve
I want to mark the paid/unpaid column in the User Bill submissions table paid.

That requires some action as I know.

The intermediate ‘supplier payment form’ when saved, links to the main company expenses form with the pertinent fields pre-filled. That required an action with linktoform() expression.

Now is there any way to incorporate another action that will mark the bills paid in the ‘User Bill submissions’ table, when the ‘Supplier payment form’ is saved?

The reason I have asked it here and not in some new thread is because you are already versed about the situation and will relate to it more easily than someone who is going to need explaining from scratch.

I was thinking to proceed in the following way:

  1. Build an action for the ‘User Bill Submissions’ table that marks the Paid? column to Paid.

  2. Build an action in the “Supplier Payment Form” that references the “User bill submissions” table, with the referenced Rows set as [Bill Number]. (Actually this is the part I’m to figure out, probably it’s going to need some tinkering with select() expressions again)

  3. The “Supplier Payment form” already had an action (using linktoform() ) that takes the user to the main company expense form when saved. Now the new action that is incorporated has to be somehow made to work in unison with the previous action. For that I define a new action that’s definition is “Execute a series of actions” and include the two actions within it.

I need help with my concern expressed in point 2. Maybe the other points are in line with the correct way, I suppose.

The action to mark bills paid :

**The action in the Supplier payment form that will reference the above action **

The company expense form

Finally the grouped action