Sum automatically

Hi support,

Kindly assist with this: I would like to sum automatically when the row is selected number

I have tried various ways, but it fails.

Can anyone help me?
Thank you

Hi @hibah_alhuwayrini

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You may want to set the calculation expression in the app formula

with this following expression:

[Dashboard]+[Trunk(big car)]+[Buttons car]

Please note:
I notice your columns are type EnumList.
If the previous expression does not work, please try instead:

SUM([Dashboard])+SUM([Trunk(big car)])+SUM([Buttons car])

for reference, I suggest you have a look to:

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Hi @Aurelien
Thank you for your quick respon .
Unfortunately it do not work

OK, can you change it to:
SUM([Dashboard]+[Trunk(big car)]+[Buttons car])

Same proplem

Make sure the base type of the EnumList columns is Number.

As noted in the comments, all of the columns are set as EnumList which means a user could select more than 1 value. Is that your Intent?

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I just played with an example. This works for either Enum or EnumList. Just make sure the Base Type is Number.

EnumList - View with multiple choices

EnumList - Columns

EnumList Result Expression

SUM([Number1]) + SUM([Number2]) + SUM([Number3])

If you DO NOT wish to allow multiple choices, change the Columns to Enum and then the expression would be:

[Number1] + [Number2] + [Number3]

use LIST(SUM(--------- it will work

Not if you are trying to store a single result in a column defined as Number.

Could you have meant SUM(LIST(…)?

EDITED: I just tried SUM(LIST(…)) on the columns defined as EnumList. It doesn’t work becasue each column itself is a list.

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@Aurelien @Pooja @WillowMobileSystems

Thanks a lot for help me …

The proplem is solved