Sum expression


please help translate this formula to appsheet expression



You need to elaborate your query. How can we help without having any information about your app, your table schema, your column structure, your column types etc. Otherwise it will be seeking for a needle in the hay stack.


Hi LeventK,

if the value of c6 column is “No” then the result is “LOW” else compute the sum of the value of column c8 up to column c12, if the result is greater than 2, the result will be “HIGH” else LOW or mid.

c8 - 1
c9 - 2

sum : 13

data types are number

I know how to interpret an IF expression. I was asking your app’s column structure. In your app, is the column names like C6, C8, etc.? As per which criteria you will sum those values? You will be summing accross columns and rows, so you need to identify the range somehow, therefore you will need criteria.

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