Sum from other table

I have my app almost working and it is a simple quoting app, I am trying to total my projects from all sub totals in the estimate sheet. It says it is working but the sum value is always 0. Here is my Formula. I am fairly new so I am not sure if this is enough info to evaluate my formula. Thanks for any help.

SUM (Select(Estimates[Sub Total],Project=[_THISROW].[Project]))
Note, this expression could significantly impact sync time.

…The list of values of column ‘Sub Total’
…from rows of table ‘Estimates’
…where this condition is true: ((“Project”) is equal to (The value of ‘Project’ from the row referenced by ‘ProjKey’)))


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There is a small syntax error in your expression. Could you test the following. The syntax error part is highlighted below.

SUM (Select(Estimates[Sub Total], [Project] =[_THISROW].[Project]))


Thanks for the reply and help Suvrutt_Gurjar, but I still get a 0 outcome on the sum from the referenced rows in the estimate table. When I sum just Estimates[Sub Total] it works fine but that is all the rows and I want to group only rows with the specific Project. All my other formulas seem to work but this one. I am studying now on what exactly a List is.


Your expression should be in the App formula setting of a virtual column in order that it be updated automatically. Is it a virtual column?

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Thanks Steve, I know it has been a few days but I forgot to post that I got it working and a Virtual Column is what I needed.