Sum from others table by date & enum filter

Dear all experienced,

I am trying to make an app, Now I am suffering a problem,

It’s a sales app, I am doing it for 3 branches & every branch has 2 types of sales like Branch sales & online sales.

Now I am trying to generate a report between date on depends on sales type (like Branch & Online) and all means both sales also.

So I used below formula for the report & its working on branch & online, But I need more that will be for (sum of Branch & Online) & it will be shown when I click on (All) button,

How can I write the formula, Pleeease help me…

SUM(SELECT(Jaudat Jamuna[Burger],and([Date]>= [Start Date], [Date] <= [End Date],[Order From]=[Order Type])))

Hi @eoshila

The expression you wrote is for having a list of values or reference.
If so, this could be slightly changed into this (not sure that matches your expectations, but…this is a track to follow):

    Jaudat Jamuna[Burger],
    AND([Date]>= [Start Date], 
        [Date] <= [End Date],
        [Order From]=[_THISROW].[Order Type])

The [_THISROW] part is the most important, as the whole SELECT expression will be evaluated in the context of the current row.
You can also, if needed, replace: [Order From]=[_THISROW].[Order Type])
with [Order From]="yourSpecifiOrder"

For reference:

About that:

I think you want here to generate a pdf file.
If so, you may want to use a slice filter and run a bot on it.
More information here:

Let us know if this help you or if you are looking for more specific request.


Thanks for your reply

I am very weak at English & AppSheet,

So most of the time I cant explain my topic as I want. It was my mistake.
If we cant ask perfectly, it’s really difficult to answer.
Sorry Again.

Any way
Now It’s working, I just change the formula with the below one.

SUM(SELECT(Jaudat Jamuna[Burger],or(and([Date]>= [Start Date], [Date] <= [End Date],[Order From]=[Order Type]), [Order Type]=“All”)))

Thanks, @Aurelien
For your cooperation