Sum in tables

I need to create a row by the end of each table to calculate a sum of the column values at the end.

Please check the sample

Hi Yasin,

I think you can use below formula to get the sum of the column.

SUM(Classes[Seat Count])` : The sum of all values in the Seat Count column of the Classes table.

Refer this link:

But I need a row in the end of the table to show this, so how Can I achieve this ?

@Steve what do you think?

It’s not possible to have a summation row in a table without a very complex setup.

The easiest way to create this kind of functionality… add a simple text column to your table and use initial value “TOTAL”. Then group this table view with that column and aggregate the view with that same column. Then it will show the total like… TOTAL (318). Though it’s not in the end.


This sample App I made before may help.