Sum of all monthly profits

My app is used for creating and managing support tickets for computer repair. Got everything working including contacts; a form for adding new contacts; a dashboard to see all tickets in progress and filtering by state (in progress, pending, ongoing); a form for creating new tickets and automatically doing all the math for transportation, labor, etc and creating a total; a menu view for all completed tickets; everything is all working nicely together and I’ve been using the app for about 6 months now, made a few changes today to stream line the process even further.

What I would like to do is add a menu view to track monthly profits. I’ve tried looking through sample apps, can’t find anything that does what I am looking for that I can replicate. Is there an expression that can filter a slice by the month or create a sum with a date range? I made a slice called “Profits”, I added a row filter condition [status]=“Completed” and narrowed down the slice columns to just the relevant data (date and $). I’d like to display the result either as a chart or table. Thank you for your time!

Below page is a good point to start with:

Is there a tutorial for advanced chart building?

Not that I know except the reference page shared above.

I am fairly certain I need some sort of expression to even get the chart to do monthly totals, I can click the chart button, but getting any sort of useful information out of the raw data is another thing entirely

The best option could be creating a QUERY sheet in your back-end which retrieves the preferred data and then import this table as read_only as a basis of your Chart UX. Because otherwise you will need to create a bunch of virtual columns which will increase the sync time of your app.

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