Sum() of Duration Column with Ignore Seconds Displays Seconds

I have a Duration column type that I would like to sum and show as a text display name for another column. [Logs] is a Virtual Column list of Refs and [LogDuration] is a duration column on the related table.

"HOURS: "&SUM([Logs][LogDuration])

However, the result shows seconds (22:35:02) even though the LogDuration Column is set to ignore seconds.

TEXT() does not support duration types else I would set the format desired (similar to using it on price columns to show a currency symbol).

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Durations can Summed? Good to know.

I believe you can use the LEFT() function like so:

LEFT(SUM([Logs][LogDuration]), 5)


Worked like a charm! Thank you

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