Sum of multiple columns in Child table

Hi, I have a Table A and child table B, Column2 is a list of data in Table B. How can I create Column3 to list the sum of columns in Table B? Thanks!

Table A
Table B row1 price1, price2, price3
Table B row2 price1, price2, price3
sum(price1), sum(price2), sum(price3)

If you have child records with the Ref field, you should have a virtual list column named like “Related Childs”. That’s a list of key values from related child records. If you want to sum all prices from those records, you can do that like…

SUM([Related Childs][Price])

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Thanks Aleksi. Yes I can do SUM SELECT. I want SUM multiple columns and the result to be like an in line view. Is it possible?

One way is like SUM([Related Childs][Price1])+SUM([Related Childs][Price2]). Or you can first sum prices in the child record and then calculate the total like SUM([Related Childs][TotalPrice])