Sum or total my items

How do i total these items ( circled in the picture below)? This table changes regularly and i need a way to add them up. The table does not have a column “total” so i will need to do this virtually.

This is the data structure:

I’m not sure if I understand your requirement. You need something like this?

YES! How did you do that?

Try this in the Parent Table

Virtual Column(Assuming your VC Related Refs is named what is being displayed):

SUM(All Branch Totals[DesiredColumnToSum])

Ok - i did something wrong:

Sorry I might be misunderstanding the column structure.

In @QREW_Cam’s example, he is using a separate table altogether to display the total. Unlike Excel, you can’t (easily) just have a row at the bottom be the total, because we aren’t in a spreadsheet anymore. We’re in a database that just so happens to be stored using spreadsheets. Well, unless you’re a user that is actually working with a database… But that’s not the point.

Back to Cam’s example… he is displaying a parent/child relationship. So you need to put the expression he gave you in a different table that can be the “parent” of yours that you pictured.

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@Tiger Please check this sample app how you can calculate the total in the same table and show it as well. The app name is VirtualCounter.

I tried this and failed. Here is the expression and my table structures:

IF([Category_Code]=“TOTAL”,SUM(SELECT(Utilization Report Totals[Location_Total_Inventory_Count_By_Category],[Category_Code]<>“TOTAL”)),[Location_Total_Inventory_Count_By_Category])

What is error message or warning?

I got this working…


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