SUM related children doesn't update parent


I’ve got one “parent” Projects table which has “children” Timesheets table.
I want to have the sum of a price column in my children table updated in real time in a price column of my parent table.

Whatever formula I wrote in parent column like :

  • SUM([Related timesheets][Cost])
  • SUM(SELECT([Related timesheets][Cost],TRUE))
  • SUM(SELECT(timesheet[Cost],([_ThisRow]=[Project])))
    I need to edit the project parent then save it to have the price column updated when I add or edit a timesheet child.

Is it the normal behaviour ? If so, then how automatically update the parent column ?

Or is it a bug, again ?

Thanks for your help

You would need to use a virtual column for this.

App Formulas within physical columns only refresh if the record is “touched.” If you need the physical column, then you will need to “trigger” that record to recalculate. You can do that with an action.


Thank you, that works.

But I need to have this column updated in my Google Sheet, Is there a way to do this ?
(I tried to copy the virtual column in my real column, but it doesn’t update)

Sorry, I missed your 2nd answer.

Thank you @Grant_Stead.

Help for newbies like me :
Here is an example of how to use trigger action.


Good find!