Sum select

Happy new year to All,
These formula give me the total sum of all the sales. What I need is only for the totals of the customer name.

SUM(SELECT( Orders[Total Cost],in([Name],list[_THISROW].[Name])

If(isblank([Name]),0,SUM(SELECT( Orders[Total Cost], ([Name] = [_THISROW].[Name]))))


Your second expression looks good to me. Doesn’t it work?

No it doesn’t. It gives me the total of all.
Please see the image for ref.

I’m afraid I don’t understand what the cause of the problem might be. I hope someone else can help. Good luck!

Hi all,
Anybody can help please?

Hi @reggieneo Could you please try

If(isblank([Name]),0,SUM(SELECT( Orders[Total Cost], ([Customer Name] = [_THISROW].[Name]))))

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I made a little app called “Total practice” with the following expression:

if(isblank([first_name]),0,sum(SELECT( MOCK_DATA[Amount], [first_name] = [_THISROW].[first_name])))

The table name and the name of the columns are different but the expression works.

You can find the sample app here:

Foolish me. It’s an obvious mistake . Thanks. It worked!

Thanks for effort to help me too Kirk.