Sum Text Cell Containing Number

(Amit Jain) #1

How Can I Sum Cell Value (Formated as Text) Separated by Delimiter “+” I have Tried with This Formula but its showing Error
The ‘SUM’ function requires a list of numeric inputs

Here Is My Formula
IF(AND([Material]=“BOPP”,[Unit]=“Pcs.”),(SUM(SPLIT([Width],"+"))SUM(SPLIT([Length],"+"))[Gauge]) /880*[Order Pending Qty.]/1000)

Hill to Solve This Issue

(Steve Coile) #2

Try replacing SUM(SPLIT([Width],"+")) with SUM(LIST(0) + SPLIT([Width],"+")).

(Amit Jain) #3

No Success.

(Steve Coile) #4

Whoops! Should have said to repeat for each SUM(SPLIT(...)) occurrence.

IF(AND([Material]=“BOPP”,[Unit]=“Pcs.”),(SUM(LIST(0) + SPLIT([Width],"+"))*SUM(LIST(0) + SPLIT([Length],"+"))*[Gauge]) /880*[Order Pending Qty.]/1000)

(Amit Jain) #5

I had Done Repeatedly on Every Occurrence
The error was from my Side
Anyway Thanks

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