Sum total of child form for that row

i am trying to get the sum of values in my parent table from the values of the child table for that particular row by using the below expression.

SUM(Child Form Table [Child Form Column])

unfortunately it is giving me the sum of all values of the child table and not only of that particular row. thanks

I believe you could better use a format of

SUM([Related Child Records][Child Form Column])
teh expression is equivalent to

SUM(SELECT(Child Form Table [Child Table Column], [Ref Column ib Child Table]=[_THISROW].[Parent Key]))


thank you it gave me the following error first

after i removed the last parentheses it gave me this error

these are my table and column names

child form table = AQL Inspection
Child Table Column = Major
Ref Column ib Child Table = Inspection Number
Parent Key = Inspection Number

Please remove parenthesis " ) " after [Major]

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thank you, works perfectly :pray:

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You are welcome.

Did you try the format below. The below will be more efficient as the column [Related AQL Inspections] should already be existing in the parent table.

SUM([Related AQL Inspections][Major])