Sum values of column of products based on key

I am trying to sum the value of products in an inline form. I’m not sure that the way I am doing it is best practice so I’m open to any suggestions, but this is based on an example I’ve found online. I have included some screenshots with annotation which will hopefully clarify the issue.

I’ve created a new product named “Total” then added a virtual column to the form’s table that contains this formula:


Tally_Details[Scale] being the column of values I am trying to sum.

The last product entered on the form would be “Total”, which uses the virtual column to sum all the products within a tally. This almost works but the problem is that my current formula sums ALL the products in ALL of the forms. I only want to sum products that are grouped based on the [Tally_Key] column, Please see screenshot for clarification.

This might be a problem:

Read more:

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Thanks for pointing that out. I think I fixed this correctly to avoid any quirks.

IF([Product]="TOTAL",SUM(SELECT(Tally_Details[Scale], (IN([Product], {"TOTAL"})))),[Scale])

I’m still facing the problem of having all my products summed together and am not sure how to only sum them based on having the same [Tally_Key]. Any ideas?

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  ("TOTAL" = [Product]),
        ([Tally_Key] = [_THISROW].[Tally_Key]),