SUMIF type function for document templates

Ok I think this is a big ask, but here goes…

I have a document template for Packing Slips that includes each line item that has been produced in our facility. Often times, we produce 100 of the same item/color, yet we have a unique line item for each product to be able to track it through production. In this case, the Packing Slip has 100 of the same item repeated. What I would like to do is condense down the quantities if the SKU and color are the same. Similar to the google sheets function of SUMIF I would like the sum of the QTY if the SKU and Color match.

Any ideas??

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Thanks. That got me as far as totaling up the line item quantities. I used the maxrow function in a slice to only show one SKU/color and then display the virtual column with the total item QTY. Thanks for your help!

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