SUMIF with data from different tables

Hi everyone, I have a dashboard view with a dynamic report with two views one is a table with data from a spreadsheet that shows in its columns 5 ways of payments, of 5 different services, this table cant be edited and is dynamic beceause the other view is a detail view that I use to filter values from different months.

It is already working because I have a SUMIFS formula in the SS, but it doesnt work as I want beacuse every time I change the value of the month it need to sync and then shows the value in the first table.

What I want is to build an expression that helps me to reduce the syncing time and works IN the table using the two tables and works dynamicly.

The SS formula in each cell is this:


I’ve tried with this expression:

SUM(SELECT(BD[Amount],AND(BD[Service].[Service]=[Service],BD[Pmt method].[Pmt method]=“Pmt method”(each),Mes[Mes])))

The expression says its valis but the result is 0, so I dont know what Im doing wrong.

There seem to be a number of irregularities in your expression. Instead of trying to discuss each one, it would be more helpful to see an image of your BD table in AppSheet. Based on your column definitions we will get a better idea of how to best help.