Summary report for multiple tables


I have created an app for Quotation Purpose. In my App I have a parent table "Customer"and multiple child tables “Products which are filled for the customer” Eg: Window Blind,Curtains,Curtain Rod etc.

Once all the information is filled I want to create a summary table for the user where in together they can see the information which shall have fields such as Room,Item Name,Qty,Rate for the products filled across multiple product tables. These fields do also exist in the individual product tables.

I did try this by creating another Quote detail table and then trying to use concatenate formula to merge information from multiple tables. But it didn’t come row wise and all the information filled say for example in Room column in multiple tables was filled in a single field.

If I can get some guide on how to achive this would be very helpful.

You want to do this on app level? OR are we talking about a report schema? It’s an option that you can create a sheet with QUERY formula and then import this sheet as a read_only table to your app and fine tune as necessary.



Does your app and data model approximately look like this sample app?

In this app - using Appsheet default settings with no changes - the customer detail page nicely shows all of the children.

Are you looking for more nuanced and detailed formatting? Or is there more info you can describe here as to what is missing?

Levant’s questions, as well :slight_smile:


Same subject, different post :hugs:

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gotcha ok! Here’s a similar way to aggregate from what Levent is discussing with sheet queries, in this case, it’s built into appsheet with a “global” table:

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Thanks for all the replies to answer your questions I am looking to do something in the app itself.

Yes my App does look very similar to Customer and Child relation app.

What I am trying to achive is very simple, basically whatever the user is filling for a customer in Multiple product tables (Child Tables) I want the information to be shown in a summary format for easy reading.Something similar to image added below.