Summing Durations

Hey Everyone,

lets say I have a table with 3 columns

Column A = ID (Type Key)
Column B = Time Start (Type Time)
Column C = Time Finish (Type Time)
Virtual Column D = Time Spent (Type Duration) Formula = [Time Finished] - [Time start]
Virtual Column E = Total Time Spent (Type Duration) Formula = ??

I’m having trouble getting a formula together for Column E. Im looking to Sum all of Column D. Im thinking it should be Somthing like sum(Time Spent) or along those lines but everything I try along these lines does not seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated. This is a pain in my arse.


Have you tried SUM(MyTable[Time Spent]) (replacing MyTable with the name of the table)?


:roll_eyes: Nope :), Thanks again for pointing out the obvious :stuck_out_tongue:
Works like a charm

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