summing numbers from different tables Hey th...

(Olivia Bryanne Zank) #1

summing numbers from different tables

Hey there - hoping this community can help me out yet again!

I have numbers on several different tables that are updated on a regular basis. I’d like to add the last entered numbers on each table for an overall score. However, my challenge is that there are several entries for each client and I only want to add the last one. I can identify them with a MAX(date, select(client ID = “ID”)) but then the column becomes a list column and I can’t add the numbers together.

Illustration Table 1 has client details. On a referenced table 1A we have three indicators about each client, which we update regularly with a datetime stamp and i want to pull the last entry on this client from here Table 2 has order details. Here we again have a referenced table 2A with three indicators that I want to pull the last entry from concerning this order Table 3 has order item details. Here we have two indicators on referenced table 3A which I want to add to the latest entries from tables 1A and 2A for an overall score. Ideally this should be live so that if someone now makes a newer entry on tables 1A or 2A, the overall score on table 3A is also updated.

How do I pull the last entries without using a max(select()) structure?

Thank you so much in advance!

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You should use MAXROW expression for identifying the last row’s key value. Then you can deref all your values you need to use.

(Olivia Bryanne Zank) #3

yes! that solves it, thank you very much

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You’re welcome