Support acknowledgement Does appsheet acknow...

(Lauro de Freitas) #1

Support acknowledgement

Does appsheet acknowledge support requests? Because I raised an issue a couple hours ago using the email premium support link, but I didnt get an acknowledgement email. How do I know my request has been logged?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Someone will reply you if you have already emailed support. Also keep in mind the time difference; if you are in a different time zone than Pacific Time, then when you email it could be outside business hours in Pacific Time.

(Philip Garrett) #3


I have replied to your support request. @RezaRaoofi is right about the timezone difference.

(Lauro de Freitas) #4

@RezaRaoofi @Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks for the info.

I understand there is difference in timezone - when filling in the online form your system i would get a response in 12-24 hours, BUT since I didnt get acknowledgement you had even received the support request I didnt want to wait that time assuming

you had got it, only to find out you hadnt. Hope you understand too.

(Philip Garrett) #5


Absolutely understand. We are investigating the problem you reported. We will respond to your support request directly.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #6

Phil & I have responded to Lauro already.

For anyone else seeing this thread, here is our general policy for all support issues.

Any issue coming into our support email alias (via is responded to within 24 hours. Usually if it arrives during working hours (defined broadly as 8AM to 10PM PST) we get an initial response within a couple of hours. At any given time, we have one fulltime engineer assigned to this. If there is a lot of stuff queuing up, others jump in as well to help with the backloig.

We do make some judgments about the relatively urgency of issues. At some times, if there is one customer whose app is completely blocked but another has a non-urgent enquiry, we make a sensible prioritization. Also, we prioritize the higher paid subscription plans because they have purchased premier support as part of the package.

if you sent us a request via the support page, then it has reached us. We could do a lot of back-and-forth acknowldgements but that just adds noise and we’ve tried to keep it lightweight and efficient so far.

We handle issues in the community on a best-effort basis usually towards the end of the day PST. We are helped mightily by our volunteer community moderators. If you can help answer a question from another user, it helps everyone and is much appreciated.

Hope this clarifies.