not replying

I’ve emailed about a problem 10th October
I got a reply on the same day then nothing else when I kept asking.
I sent a new email 11th November and had no reply at all.
I think it may be an awkward issue to check, but I still need to know what’s happening.
Your support is usually really good, so this is quite disappointing.

Hi Simon, sorry to hear that. May I ask what email address did you use? I will try to find your ticket and status of it.

I found it. I assigned this request to correct person. Thanks for this info.


@Aleksi I had the same problem.
On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 01:55 PM, “
I recieved an answer once from Joshua Aldrich. But that was just a confirmation, not a solution.
Thank you for helping.

Hello Aleksi. I still haven’t had a reply from support.

@Aleksi Me too.

Hi Fabian,

I saw that you have a presentation of the app, I think it makes sense for us to meet and see if its an easy fix. You can book some time with me here:


Hi Simon, I’m really sorry that this has happened to you and Fabian. As you mentioned, our support team is generally really good at responding in a timely manner to all support requests or technical questions. I’ve reached out to them to get them to reply to you asap.

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