Support Bubble Removed [Solved]

I can’t find it anymore

What u talking about?


It no longer appears on my editor or appsheet website screens like it used to. This can be annoying when I am chatting with support, I can’t message them until they message me. The bubble only pops up when a message has been sent to me. Then, I click out of it, and it disappears.

An email to is probably the best way to get an answer to this question. I wouldn’t be surprised if the removal of the chat bubble has something to do with the impending UX refresh for the app editor, but that’s pure speculation.

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Thank you! I was trying to see if I was the only one with the issue first, but I will email.

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You were right. AppSheet is moving away from the support bubble, and just planning on using the email as the only other system of support in addition to the User Community.


Thanks for sharing that with us!

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