Support for Excel tables in Workflow Templates

It would be really great if we were able to convert our Excel templates to an Excel table.
This would allow pivot tables to be built into the template and would allow use of Power Query and Power Pivot for analysis of the data.

Template contains an Excel Table which is not supported. Error: The document body is empty",


Thanks @tsuji_koichi but I need to be able to be able to convert the column data in Excel to a Table. This will allow me to use Pivot tables and the ability to use Power Query/Power BI to analyse the data. If I insert a pivot table I would need to change the source range every time in the template whereas if the data is in an Excel table then the data is dynamic. We use Microsoft 365 and will not be moving to Google.

Im not perfectly sure what you mean with this.

I m using Tableau for data anasysis, so not familiar with Power BI. Appsheet is always hosting the data somewhere clouds. Sounds like you may host your data for your app in Excel Online? In that case, you could directly connect to that data from power bi then should be able to consume in Power BI. That s what I thought.

In Excel there is a function to convert your data to a Table. This makes the data dynamic. You have to connect Excel Tables in Power Query/Power BI. You cannot connect if the data is just a range.
Same with creating normal Pivot tables/charts in Excel.

I can connect my source data (the data that is imported into Appsheet) to PowerBI as this data can be in table format. I just cannot create a pivot table in a workflow template as that data cannot be in table format.

Okey thanks, but i m not really using Excel for years. Not much knowledge and help.
Im sorry.

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