Support for Plus Code AppSheet has an amazing...

(Yasutaka Ito) #1

Support for Plus Code AppSheet has an amazing mapping feature, and it is very useful. Can it also support Plus Code (, which is picking up these days? It’s ability to plot plus codes in the sheet on to map, or being able to store the coordinate in plus code will make AppSheet much useful, I believe.

Any thoughts?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

May I ask what would be the benefit using Pus Code against LatLong value that you can use in the app at this moment?

(Yasutaka Ito) #3

Thank you for your quick response.

It’s more than an against but compliments. If you already have the data in LatLong values as data, it shows… but, the fact that AppSheet also recognizes Plus Code values as data felt useful and embracing the modern technology. Plus Code can be stored as one value in a column while LatLong I believe takes two values. I actually have a spreadsheet that has location data stored as Plus Code.

Hope that answers your question.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Thanks. LatLong needs only one column. You could ask this as a new feature from here…

(Stephen Mattison) #5


These Plus Codes, example “V86P+C8, Paris” look very hard to remember.

I am curious just how you are wanting to use this?

This sounds like a BIG and difficult feature request to give just another way to plot Map coordinates.

As Aleksi mentioned Lat/Long mapping works perfectly in Appsheet, what benefits would adding your Plus Code idea give to the majority of AppSheet users?

Thank you!