Supporting multiple users

I am looking for a way to support multiple users with their own data sets - with unique columns. ie if the app is for storing contact information, user A might only have 7 columns that he’s interested in (first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, phone) while user B might track different details and have the following 6 columns (Name, phone, age, height, birthday, last visited). So each user would have to configure the app to point to their own unique data. Then, naturally, then the UI would have to reflect the user’s unique data.

So far I have seen anything that would indicate that this is possible with Appsheets - hopefully that’s not the case.

In AppSheet, there is no way for the app user to construct tables. To accomplish what you want, would could use either or both of these approaches:

  • A single table that contains all possible columns, then provide the user a means to enable and disable the desired columns.


  • Multiple tables, each with a different set of columns, that the user could choose which to use.

Whatever the approach, you’re in for a LOT of work to get it functioning as desired. What you want to do is perhaps possible, but very difficult and fraught with risks.