Survey with images

want to do a survey, so I use a table to register the answer but for the question I want to use a “show”.
Now, I can use a “show” without problems with a message in text, but if I want to add a image of my drive I can’t.
Until now, I’ve managed to see an image of a webb or a video of youtube but I have not been able to show an image of drive.
Can you help me?

Please check this article how you can show the public image with the show field.


I selected type SHOW, category IMAGE and in content: “

But It doesn’t show the image. What is it wrong?

It work well with this link in the laptop when I’m working on the app:

Although the app doesn’t show the image in the mobile or tablet. Could you help with this?

Please click through to the article I posted above. There’s a trick for making GDrive files public.

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