Suscription Plans Implications of User Form Entries CONTEXT (Device) vs USEREMAIL() vs USERROLE()

If and app will be deployed as a White Label Public the suscription Plan shows a 50$ per mont/app.

“Publicly accessible applications that don’t contain sensitive data and don’t require user sign-in can be created with an AppSheet Publisher Pro subscription. These apps include the feature sets of the AppSheet Core Plan, but do not include user sign-in options or the use of security filters. Publisher Pro apps can be used by an unlimited number of users for $50/mo/app.”

  1. Is this saying that if you have any USEREMAIL() expression in your app, that plan won’t work because you require login for that?
  2. Is this saying that if you have any USERROLE(“Admin”) expression in your app, the Plan above also won’t work?
    3.To identify user as Admin USERROLE(“Admin”) requires log in? How is the Admin identified. only by Email? Is thre any other way?
  3. Is the CONTEXT (Device), the expression that does not require user login, so in concordance that is the one that applies for the Subscription Plan Above?

To the best of my understanding…


Probably, as USERROLE() is based on sign-in.


CONTEXT("Device") is available on all plans.

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