SVG launch image

Here’s the right size for bg and logo, which has fit perfectly on all screen resolutions so far:

Upload it to your Google drive account. Get shareable link. Select “Anyone with the link”.

Change the first part of the link, remove the last part and add your fileid (scrambled letters and numbers), so it looks like this:

Paste it into the launch image bar:



@Martin_Pace Check it

How to make it this BG ?

Should it be the SVG file format?

how do i find the detail size & resolution?

Go into the brand settings.

Vector graphics in SVG file format.

Open the svg in Illustrator, Affinity designer or another equivalent program. Edit the color, and add your logo

I will try it

Thank you very much

Hello Ratatosk,

i’ve to edit from your template brand, its cool. But why does not appear on my mobile,
but in the editor application it appears


can you explained it?

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Hi Yayasan,

Mine shows up in the middle of the loading at the first load and then it shows after if I refresh. Maybe you have a really fast loading app :smiley:

Still think it works better than the awful jpeg stretched thingy before.

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I tried to refresh many times on my mobile, but it doesn’t appear.
I tried restarting my mobile, and it still doesn’t appear

Maybe try run it through a SVG minifier.

I had some svgs not show up in the app. Some of them worked after letting it through a minifier.

Ouuw another software
i’ve tried online editor

but OK i will try it

thank you very much

Just a note that svg is not officially supported by appsheet, so it may be hit and miss. You can send it to me if you’d like and I can push it through the same process I did and see if it is different.

Helo Ratatosk,

yess…still same my problem, it’s not appear from my mobile

I will give you my file ( svg )

The icon is not vector graphics. It’s raster graphics. Just the text and background are vector

What ??
Can you help me to convert it ?

You have to download the icon as svg from the site that you got it from

still same problem,

i’ve download icon as svg format,
but still its not appear from my mobile

Background is an image.


The file is 281 kb, it should be closer to 10 kb if it’s an svg with icon and optimized

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I tried using your brand image, it’s same problem…it’s not appear on my mobile

May be caused svg format ???