SVG Sparklines

Hy there,
I needed some kind of sparkline for an application and decided to use SVG image to get it.
I don’t know if it will be the best way, or if anyone has a better solution.
To create the image I used a formula in Gsheet:

=“data:image/svg+xml;utf8,<svg xmlns=”“”" preserveAspectRatio="“xMidYMin meet”" viewBox=""-5 -5 118 “&MAX(B7:G7)*10+20&” “” width="“100%”" height="“100%”" >
<line x1="“3"” y1="""&MAX(B7:G7)10&""" x2="“3"” y2="""&(MAX(B7:G7)-((B7MAX(B7:G7)))/MAX(B7:G7))*10&""" style="“stroke:blue;stroke-width:6"” />
<line x1="“23"” y1="""&MAX(B7:G7)10&""" x2="“23"” y2="""&(MAX(B7:G7)-((C7MAX(B7:G7)))/MAX(B7:G7))*10&""" style="“stroke:blue;stroke-width:6"” />
<line x1="“43"” y1="""&MAX(B7:G7)10&""" x2="“43"” y2="""&(MAX(B7:G7)-((D7MAX(B7:G7)))/MAX(B7:G7))*10&""" style="“stroke:blue;stroke-width:6"” />
<line x1="“63"” y1="""&MAX(B7:G7)10&""" x2="“63"” y2="""&(MAX(B7:G7)-((E7MAX(B7:G7)))/MAX(B7:G7))*10&""" style="“stroke:blue;stroke-width:6"” />
<line x1="“83"” y1="""&MAX(B7:G7)10&""" x2="“83"” y2="""&(MAX(B7:G7)-((F7MAX(B7:G7)))/MAX(B7:G7))*10&""" style="“stroke:blue;stroke-width:6"” />
<line x1="“103"” y1="""&MAX(B7:G7)10&""" x2="“103"” y2="""&(MAX(B7:G7)-((G7MAX(B7:G7)))/MAX(B7:G7))*10&""" style="“stroke:blue;stroke-width:6"” />
<text x="“0"” y="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+10&""" fill="“red”" font-size="“9"” font-family="“Verdana”">"&B7&" <tspan x="“20"” y="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+10&""">"&C7&" <tspan x="“40"” y="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+10&""">"&D7&" <tspan x="“60"” y="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+10&""">"&E7&" <tspan x="“80"” y="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+10&""">"&F7&" <tspan x="“100"” y="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+10&""">"&G7&" <line x1="“0"” y1="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+1&""" x2="“108"” y2="""&MAX(B7:G7)*10+1&""" style="“stroke:rgb(1,1,1);stroke-width:0.5"” /> "


Not the best solution but I didn’t find a way to do it in Appsheet. If anyone can help me, I appreciate it.

The end result is something like this:


@Jonathon has lots of SVG experience and might like this example as well.


I think using the Google API (deprecated in 2012, but it work) we got a better solution.

Here is a comparison between the two options, using a virtual column with the formula:

   &[V_0]&","&[V_1]&","&[V_2]&","&[V_3]&","&[V_4]&","&[V_5]& "&chco=0000FF&chm=N,ff0000,0,-1,9,,e::10|o,ff0000,0,-1,6"

I hope it is useful for someone.


This is great, thanks @Sergio_Sa!

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Hi @Sergio_Sa,

Earlier @Jonathon had shared some interesting charting possibilities with SVG. Now you have further extended it by adding Google Chart APIs. Thank you both for sharing these interesting charting possibilities insights.

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You’re welcome @Peter and @Suvrutt_Gurjar . Good thing it’s useful.

I am still learning how to work with Appsheet and have realized that there are so many possibilities that we ended up doing more than we initially anticipated.

The possibility exists, getting it is more difficult. :grin::sweat_smile:


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Would this be possible also with ?


That’s really really neat… Do you think if the whole community starts using it, we could rate limit since all the calls would be coming through appsheet? Regardless it’s even cheap to host if that’s an issue… Really cool find!

“There is a built-in rate limit of 240 charts/min (4 charts/sec) per IP.”

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