Swipe Alternative

Super newbie here. I have copied the sample app titled “Inventory Management”. In the View “Products_Details” I can swipe right or left to get to next product. The swiping is kind of glitchy… have to try to swipe numerous times. I see how to turn off swipe. How can I add “next” and “previous” buttons? I tried adding an action “go to another view within the app” but cant figure out target formula… Or if that is even the way to accomplish what I need. I’ve seen other samples with multipage with next, previous, and save buttons when reach the end of rows. This would be ideal. Any help is much appreciated.
Link to sample app

If you open UX and go to REF VIEWS, one type of view is “type: detail”. Enable “Slideshow Mode” under “View Options” - It is the last option in that group.

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