Swipe down in Calendar View on Mobile

Hy everyone,

I build some Calendar views for my app and I observed the following behavior:

  • In the Calendar view, when opened in Day display, the top of the screen will be at the present Time of the day. Which makes sense.
  • However, if you want to scroll up, on the PC you middle mouse scroll and it works. But on mobile, you swipe down and it Resyncs the app. Which is not great as there is basically no way to see what has happened so far in the calendar.
  • You can’t swipe up either so you only get to see what’s on the screen.
  • So I tried figuring out what it is and there were no controls for this on the screen.
  • But I remembered an option to “resync on swipe down” in the Options tab of the app. So I unchecked that and now swiping the Calendar works.

So my conclusion is that there is an unwanted connection between the two and it should be resolved. Couse resyncing the app while in a deck or dashboard or detail view … or others I guess, makes sense. But in Calendar view, it does not.

And on this note, I would add that it would be great to have an option to control the behavior of what happens when selecting an Calendar Item ('couse maybe I’d like to do a LINKTOROW() or something like that :smiley: )

Thank you


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