Swipe gesture to open menu

Is there an option switch to turn on “Swipe-to-open” for opening the left menu?

On devices having big screen, the only way to open the menu is to use another hand because the hamburger icon can’t be reached.


Currently, there is not. Could be a feature request though.


I do have bunch of views within app which started to make the users confused to find view they want. As a solution , created deck view where they click the item and open up target view they wish to access . Deck view gives action by swiping right and left to fire actions as well. Just as a thought


Nice choice but I think swipe-to-open-menu is intuitive feature for mobile apps, it’s nice to have.


Not sure how you define swipe to open ,but appsheet action on deck view should be one you are looking for. I just guess.

Apps like “Google Play Store”, you can use a finger (normally your thumb) to pull the menu from edge of screen. Particularly, if you’re using big screen, you have to use another hand to tap the hamburger menu icon in order to show it.

In AppSheet, now can only swipe-to-close the open menu but cannot swipe-to-open it.


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Now I got it what you want, thanks. You need to place a feature request to get eyes from Appsheet them then.

FYG, this is quick screenshot from my app where I dense all the view to single place, “Launcher” and place it on main menu like a home button.

The user does not need to go anywhere else to change the view, but hit this launcher all the time and select the view they want from here to navigate to other view.
This is not exactly what you need, but give the user easy navigation in the app to change view.


When you have many views and user are not using them very often, keeping them in menu is a good option. Only the often used views are shown as icons at the bottom of screen.

The menu has no alternative replacement in some situation.