Switch data source for all tables by function

Q: can I change the storage path for the tables via a function ? I want to switch back and forth between different GSheets of different clients.
Rt now I have to change the storage path manually per table, which is not practicable enough.


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thx for reply, what I’m looking for is to switch the storage path of all tables to another location. Pointing to another location inside the current table is not doing the task for me here.

You have to do this manually inside the editor. There is currently no dynamic way to do this.

Or perhaps:

Yes Private Tables is a good method so the app handles private data sources. Only open question is, how the app can handle 3rd-Party users access to the account owner’s app for administrating the owner’s task on the app.
I’m looking at the owners, having a Gmail account with the GDrive account that comes with it, and searching for a way the helping 3rd-Party user can login to the owner’s account to admin for them over the owner’s app usage, but by the 3rd-Party helpers only having access limited to only the specific app folder, so the 3rd-Party can’t access the other folders of the owners in their GDrive account.
This way the app can be used as a service-app.

Have tried this, but free GMail / GDrive accounts don’t allow for multiple logins which would limit the 3rd-Party to certain access on the owner’s account.

Any idea around to solve this portion ?